How To Winterize Pool

How To Winterize Pool

During the summertime period, individuals are congestion public swimming pools. In this instance, owning a personal swimming pool indicates you have used it frequently in summer. When the period finishes, you must never ever leave it open.

Inviting winter months, it has to be covered, or winterized. Winterize is a term made use of to explain preparation made on the house, vehicle, or swimming pool for winter use.

Winter lasts for approximately three months prior to the spring period, where you can finally resume the swimming pool.

During winter, the chilly temperature level will damage the swimming pool. For example, it is mosting likely to welcome fragments of dust or remnants of leaves, branches, and anything that will be swept by the intense winter season wind.

The wintertime wind will certainly cause great damages to a left-stranded swimming pool since it will ice up the pipelines. Such incidence can cause you to pay even more for electric services.

20+ Cheap Privacy Fence Design and Ideas (DIY)

20+ Cheap Privacy Fence Design and Ideas (DIY)

Privacy Fence Ideas – If you’ve decided to get a privacy fence for your yard, there are so many materials and designs to choose from that it can seem a little overwhelming.

Whether you are going to build your fence or have someone install it, we have put together some great ideas to get you on your way.

It’s really not difficult to find the fence that will add a wonderful touch to your yard and give you the privacy you are looking for.  We are going to give you some great ideas and helpful tips to get you on your way.

Step by Step DIY Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas

Privacy Fence ideas
  • Materials For Your Privacy Fence

Before going any further, decide what material you want for your privacy fence.  It can seem overwhelming when starting off, but we are going to help you out.

There are literally tons of materials to choose from including metal, concrete, wood, vinyl, gabion, and bamboo to name a few.

The material you choose could depend on the location of your fence. If you are looking for a privacy fence for your patio or deck, the material might differ from what you’d use in your backyard privacy fence.

Probably the most popular material used for a backyard privacy fence is wood, followed by vinyl.  In the wood family, cedar is by far the leading choice.

Wood fences are traditional fence materials but require a good deal of maintenance while vinyl offers lower maintenance. Both of these materials are very durable and the most popular choices on the market.

Vinyl is made to look just like wood but with half the upkeep that wood needs.  You can even mix it up if you love wood but not the maintenance by installing cedar posts along with vinyl fencing.

  • Deciding On Your Privacy Fence’s Height

Your next consideration should be the height of your privacy fence.  If you are looking for a backyard privacy fence, the height might be more important than if installing a patio fence.

Before making up your mind, you should check with your city or town to find out what the rules and regulations are regarding fences. Most areas allow a backyard fence to reach 6 feet in height while a front yard fence is limited to 4 feet.

If you want a backyard fence that is higher than 6 feet, try planting some trees or tall plants along the perimeter of your fence.

  • The Design Of Your Privacy Fence:

Once you’ve decided on the height, your next thought should be how much privacy you are looking for.  Do you want a solid material for total privacy or something a little more transparent?

There are so many designs to choose from including opaque from the top down to the bottom or slats that will that offer some visibility while allowing light to come in.

If you are looking for a fence that will offer a really nice look that is decorative, try adding a lattice border along the top of the fence.  It will add a beautiful touch to your yard while still providing the privacy you want.

Another great idea is building a shadow box design Also called a “good neighbor” fence, you are applying pickets on both sides of the fence rails.

A shadow box fence has spaces between the pickets to allow air and light to pass through while on the other side, the pickets will line up with the gaps blocking the view.

There are endless designs to look at to find what will work best for your backyard privacy fence, your patio privacy fence, or your front yard privacy fence.  Some designs include traditional privacy, scalloped privacy, or picket fences.

  • The Cost Of Your Privacy Fence

Once you have decided on what materials you want to use, the height, and appearance of your privacy fence, it’s time to shop around for the best price for your materials or if you want to hire someone to perform the installation for you.

If you are planning on a DIY privacy fence, your best bet is to visit your local home improvement center such as The Home Depot.  You can also use their services to hire a contractor if DIY is just not on your list.

Whichever option works best for you, be sure to choose materials and designs that will last for a long time!  These ideas will give you a lot to think about when deciding on the privacy fence that will look great as your backyard privacy fence, your front yard privacy fence, or your deck privacy fence!

Sit back, go through all the information you have collected, picture how you want your fence to look, and then go for it!

List Of 20 Awesome Privacy Fence Designs

Cheap Privacy Fence Ideas

Here is a list of 20 of the best designs for privacy fences that are constructed from many different materials.  These awesome privacy fence designs will give you a unique look, add beauty to your backyard or patio while still giving you the privacy you are looking for.

1. Uneven Wooden Boards

uneven wooden boards fence

This design is created with uneven boards offering a unique touch to the classic wooden fence.  The boards are natural and rustic in appearance and looks fabulous with a log cabin home.

The design will offer a great deal of privacy for your home’s backyard.  If you are looking for a design that is beautiful and natural in appearance, this fence is for you.

2. Bamboo Fence

Bamboo Fence

If you want to stand out from your neighbors, a bamboo fence would be a wonderful choice.  Bamboo is a wonderful material that comes in shades of browns, reds, and yellows. It can be stained to any color you want and is environmentally friendly.

While offering a wonderful look, bamboo is actually very strong and resistant to both heat and cold. Adding to its flexibility and good looks, it will give you excellent privacy for your backyard privacy fence!

3. Modern Wood With Built-In Shelves

Modern Wood With Built-In Shelves

This style fence has grown in popularity over the past few years for backyard privacy fences due to its modern design.  This lovely fence is constructed with smooth horizontal boards and comes with outside lights, and shelves that are built-in.

If you have a small backyard that isn’t large enough for a garden, this fence might be a great choice for placing flower pots!  If your backyard privacy fence ideas lean toward something different and very modern this is an excellent choice!

4. Low Vinyl Fence

Low Vinyl Fence

If your privacy fence ideas do not include an overbearing, high fence, there are many shorter fences that might do the trick.  Install a vinyl, white fence to create a clean backdrop for your garden or yard.  Vinyl fences are very stylish and easy maintenance.

5. Sheet Metal & Wood Combination

Sheet Metal & Wood Combination

Combining sheet metal with vertical wood boards will create an incredible look for your privacy fence.  This design incorporates both a modern and classic look that can be customized to fit your individual taste.

One idea could be to install this privacy fence behind your garden or a low-level stone wall.  It will bring balance to your yard while tying everything together.  If you want to dress it up, add lanterns and latticework to the top of the privacy fence.

6. The Shutter Fence

Shutter Fence

If a DIY privacy fence is something you are looking forward to, this might be the perfect choice for you.  This amazing privacy fence is made from old shutters. Visit yard sales, thrift shops, or search online for reusable shutters and create your own fence!

Before deciding on this design, check with your town or city for regulations regarding fences. This design would look fabulous with a farmhouse or small cottage but would probably be a little much for larger, modern homes.

7. Classic White

Classic White

This classic white fence would be perfect to show off your garden while providing a clean, fresh look to your backyard.  Depending on your taste and budget, you might want to choose either vinyl or wood for this backyard privacy fence. 

If your taste leans toward simple and want something that is low maintenance while giving you excellent privacy this is a great choice!

8. Privacy Pickets

Privacy Pickets

If you love picket fences but feel they do not offer enough privacy, check out this fence.  Even though this design has some visibility and is not as tall as other privacy fences, it is very popular due to its great looks.  You can either paint it or leave it natural, either way, it’s a picket fence and that says it all!

9. Horizontal/Vertical Boards

Vertical horizontal boards

Are you someone who can’t decide if you want vertical or horizontal boards for your privacy fence?  This fence will give you the best of both worlds!  This traditional design has taken on a modern touch and is quite remarkable.

This front yard or backyard privacy fence is just different enough without standing out from the crowd.  The design offers versatility while still retaining a classic appearance.

10. Slatted Wood Fence

Slatted Wood Fence

A slatted wood privacy fence will give you just a little visibility while providing the level of privacy you want.  This privacy fence will allow air and sunlight to come through via the horizontal slats.

This would be a great choice for your deck privacy fence or running along your backyard. This is a beautiful wooden fence that will give you all the privacy you could possibly want.

11. Corrugated Metal

Corrugated Metal

If the combination of sheet metal and wood is your favorite privacy fence idea, you will love this corrugated metal fence.  The fence will give you complete privacy for your backyard and is very unique in design.

You could probably look around your neighborhood and not run into anything like it.  This would not be a great choice if you want something to customize because it would be very difficult to carry out.  That said, it is very unique all unto itself!

12. Repurposed Pallets

Repurposed Pallets

This is an amazing fence that is made from repurposing old materials and looks absolutely incredible!  This is the perfect design for the handyman who wants a DIY project using repurposed wooden pallets.

It’s screwed together at 45° angles creating a chevron pattern.  If you want a yard privacy fence and this is your style, it is possible to create!

13. Horizontal/Vertical Boards Fence

Horizontal Vertical Boards Fence

This wonderful design, created by Jay Fencing, has a wonderful look without getting too far away from a classic backyard privacy fence.

You will enjoy total privacy while still having a very classic, stylish look. This privacy fence will look great in any yard and won’t look out of place in your neighborhood.

14. Sloped Fence Combo

Sloped Fence Combo

This is a great fence for anyone who wants a tall privacy fence but also loves the look of a picket fence.  This custom designed fence offers privacy exactly where you want it while allowing visibility along other areas of the fence that have lower boards. The fence gradually slopes from tall to shorter.  This is a beautiful, very unique fence.

15. Partial Privacy Fence

Partial Privacy Fence

This is a sectional fence that is perfect for anyone who wants some privacy but does not want a huge fence around their entire yard. This small fence will give you just the right amount of privacy you are looking for, especially if you have a small backyard with minimal space.

16. Repurposed Pallets

Repurposed Pallets 2

This is a marvelous design using repurposed pallets that will offer a small amount of privacy.  This very quaint privacy fence should have plants growing between the boards.  Once they have grown, they will fill the spaces in the fence giving you a lot of privacy and a beautiful flowering display!

This might not be the chosen fence for everyone, but it certainly will give you some great inexpensive privacy fence ideas!

17. Carved Wood & Concrete Combo

Carved Wood & Concrete Combo

This combination fence might sound strange, but it’s ideal for your patio privacy fence.  Its carved wood along with concrete forms a beautiful design that will finish off your perfect backyard.  With your patio privacy fence ideas, there are many different ways you can use this fence for a great look!

18. The Sound Wall

Sound Wall

If you want privacy as well as quite, this sound wall might be a perfect choice.  Although a sound wall is not particularly attractive and not usually anyone’s first selection, you will get a lot of privacy.  In some cases, it will actually make your backyard look great!

19. DIY Planter Screens

Planter Screens

If you have fence privacy screen ideas and are handy with tools, these wonderful planter privacy screens will look great in any yard and is perfect for a quaint cottage.

These temporary privacy fence screens can be placed along with a permanent fence and serve as a decorative addition.

These DIY planter screens will not give you a great deal of privacy like a permanent fence but are wonderful alternatives for small spaces.

20. Decorated Dark Wood

Decorated Dark Wood

If you have a very simple privacy fence in your yard but would like to spice it up a bit, this might be a good choice for you.

Why not use decorations to add a splash of colour or create a lovely image.  These red butterflies will brighten up your dark wood without going over the top.

53+ Screened In Porch Ideas – Tips to Make Your New Sunroom Comfortable and Liveable

Are you looking for screened in porch ideas? Then read on, because there are several things to consider when adding a sun room to your home!

Screened In Porch Ideas Need to Take Into Account Your Room’s Primary Use

The first step in designing a screened in porch or sunroom is to decide what your room will be used for.

Do you want a room to enjoy warm evenings? Do you want something that you can use year around? Is this a breakfast-type nook suitable for a picnic table and chairs, or do you want a room you can share with your friends to watch a big screen game? Or perhaps you’re looking to enclose a small area for a hot tub, so you may only need a simple frame and roof?

These factors will determine the type of construction you’ll need. For example, if your dream room is a game and entertainment room, in most areas building codes will require that you provide protection for electrical outlets and appliances. In this case, you’ll most likely be looking at a fully enclosed sunroom.

If you’re thinking more along the lines of a 3 season screened in porch, then you may not need to build your room with as much weather protection.

For example, if you’re considering a sun room with comfortable wicker furniture where you can enjoy a good book, then simply enclosing an existing deck with screen material may be the answer for you. Wicker furniture can withstand most weather, and won’t be destroyed by rain.

Choosing Orientation for Your Screened In Porch Ideas

How and when the sun hits your home may help you decide where to place your screened in porch.

If you’re going to enclose an existing deck, then that decision may already be decided for you!

Things to take into consideration include that western sun in the evenings can be quite hot. Many screened in porch owners have commented that the heat of the late afternoon and evening sun made them get additional screens and shades to try to reduce the warmth.

On the other hand, adding a sunroom or porch on the east side of the home can be a nice place to enjoy the newspaper along with your morning coffee.

Screened in porch ideas in southern climates and southern exposure locations may need to take into consideration the heat as well.

My husband and I live in southern Wyoming and our master bedroom windows face south. While we can get to -20 degrees in the winter, during the summer the bedroom can be 5 to 10 degrees warmer than the rest of the house simply because of those south-facing windows.

We’re considering a full season screened in porch on an existing deck, but we’re looking seriously into vents and shades to keep the heat manageable!

Other porch owners have said that ceiling fans are a great idea to dissipate heat and bring in cooled air from outside. Bear in mind that a ceiling fan will need adequate protection from the elements, so you’ll need to place it well away from any windows that will allow rain or simply enclose your porch fully.

Screened In Porch Ideas Need to Consider Cost

Cost is a significant factor in choosing the sunroom you want.

Adding a simple roof and screened windows to an existing deck can run from $300 to more than $2000, depending on the cost of materials in your area.

Creating a full season porch can cost thousands of dollars. One screened in porch owner stated that his addition cost $30,000, including stamped concrete floor and stone fireplace. As you can see, your budget may determine what type of room you choose.

Other Screened In Porch Ideas to Consider

Here are some additional things to consider when deciding on your sun room ideas.

A screened in porch may provide protection for burglars, since they can work on your primary entry doors in the privacy of the enclosed porch. You may want to add additional lighting or security.

Or you may want to provide access to the screened in porch from inside your home, with no outside door. This may discourage would-be break-ins.

Many porch owners who have a raised deck that they enclosed stated that they lined the floor underneath the deck with screen to prevent bees and other insects from climbing up into their room.

Cedar floor boards can also help here, since insects don’t like cedar. It may mean a little more expense, but the enjoyment of having a bug-free room is priceless!

Several sun room enthusiasts stated that pouring a concrete floor, if possible, was a great idea. They indicated that being able to hose out the room in the spring was a simple way to clean and get the room ready for warm weather enjoyment.

An attractive addition to concrete is to tile the floor. This can create a lovely mood as well as increase eye appeal.

Where you’re looking to create a year ’round space or a simple room to enjoy morning coffee, there are many delightful screened in porch ideas available.

33+ Tips Above Ground Pools – What Everyone Needs to Know

33+ Tips Above Ground Pools – What Everyone Needs to Know

Above Ground Pools are the most effective alternative for resident who want a swimming pool however aren’t ready for the much more costly choice of putting in an in-ground pool. There are lots of other benefits to Above Ground Pools, and also reasons that clever consumers choose Above Ground Pools when the summer season warmth is closing in!

Cost is the apparent reason price-conscious homeowner buy Above Ground Pools, because they are so much less costly than in-ground pools.

For property owner not yet up for the longterm dedication to an in-ground pool, or for those who are not in a home that they assume they will certainly live in for a long period of time, Above Ground Pools can make excellent sense.

Above Ground Pools are taken into consideration short-term structures as well as you most likely won’t need to obtain any type of sort of permit or allow to install it. Most of these pools can normally be moved to your following home or a new location, and also all it takes is a brand-new lining to be swiftly reinstalled at the new site.

Many parents with little kids like Above Ground Pools because they need to be climbed right into, and also are not conveniently accessible to kids.

For these young family members, an inground pool at ground degree is hazardous and demands close guidance, pool covers, fences or gateways for protection of their kids and also any kind of neighbor youngsters that can get involved in their backyard.

For residence whole lots that are not totally degree or have rough terrain, Above Ground Pools can be just the option required. It can be really difficult and costly to mount an in-ground pool in landscapes that are not level or that have rocky undersurfaces.

Above Ground Pools, on the various other hand, can be established onto ground that has actually been flattened with a backhoe and also you never have to bother with what is below the surface area.

If summer is near and you’re daydreaming about withstanding the warm in a pool, Above Ground Pools are the solution to your petitions.

Installing an in-ground pool can take numerous months if you count the permitting process, looking for quotes as well as picking a pool professional, breaking ground and also setting up the pool.

Maybe snowing before you have an opportunity to swim in your pool! But with Above Ground Pools you can be in your pool with family and friends long before Labor Day rolls around!

As Above Ground Pools have ended up being a lot more prominent, producers have created originalities as well as trends for pools as well as accessories that make them an excellent choice in comparison to in-ground pools.

Pool dimensions now vary from a typical 8-foot diameter round pool to a jumbo 20 foot x 40 foot pool. You will likewise be able to talk with pool producers who can transform your ‘desire pool suggestions’ into a custom-designed pool that meets every one of your specs.

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31+ Ideas Pole Barn Home Plans For Kit a Building and Creating a Horse Shelter

31+ Ideas Pole Barn Home Plans For Kit a Building and Creating a Horse Shelter

Putting together a pole building is as easy as following the plans. Although the approach to creating a pole building varies, all structures begin with pole barn plans.

In a kit – a popular option for adding one of these buildings to your property – the materials for constructing the shelter are accompanied by pole barn plans, blueprints for assembling the entire structure from the ground up.

Aside from this option, adding such a shelter to your property without a kit often means drawing up these plans yourself or contacting an architect to do it.

Following the original pole building plans may only be part of constructing the shelter. As a multipurpose building, these structures have several uses. Many often use them as general storage or as a garage.

The buildings are also often found on farms as sheds for storing equipment, grain, and hay and as horse shelters. For the latter, additional pole barn plans need to be drawn up for the interior of the space.

These plans specify allotment for the stalls and also an area for hay storage. Larger pole barns have more space for stalls, while smaller buildings are only used for a few animals.

Turning a pole building into a horse barn isn’t a large stretch, but did you know that these buildings can even become a home? As a kit, pole buildings aren’t up to code, but additional plans need to be drawn up to turn the frame into a fully functional shelter.

Plans for a pole barn home are often drawn up by an architect and address common issues of insulation, wiring, plumbing, rooms, and doors. Pole building home plans change the appearance of the building, as an additional interior wall must be built to insulate the home. Exterior insulation must also be added.

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