17+ Tips How to Channel Your Inner New Bohemian

17+ Tips How to Channel Your Inner New Bohemian

The New Bohemian style is an expression that is unique, creative, and socially different such as writers and artists. This new style is not much different from the original movement that took place in 19th-century France.

Bohemians were made up of people who lived outside the conventional. Although the movement died at the turn of the 20th-century, it’s had a major impact on future movements such as surrealism.

New Bohemians are people who, like those in the 19th-century), march to their own drummer, wear clothes that are outside the norm, have their own taste in literature, art, music, and move in the opposite direction of the grain.

If you are having a tough time trying to express your new bohemian style, it’s time to sit back, relax, and let your creative juices flow while being inspired by these modern day looks.

Unmistakable Designing

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Just like there are no rules for being bohemian, textile prints and designs have no limits and no rules.  Geometrics, paisleys, suzanis (embroidery), crochets, etc. The sky’s the limit and the more you combine designs together, the more splendid the look will be!

Use Your Creativity In An Artistic Avenue:

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You might think this wallpaper was created by someone taking watercolors and splashing them on the walls.  Nothing could be further from the truth! This room offers a unique and soothing environment using a bohemian look that was created with a digital image taken from a watercolor image then printed on canvas.

Rasa en Détail

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This literally means taste, essence or visual. It echoes Indian art that is visual or musical that evokes a strong emotion from the viewer.

Decked Out For Outdoor Dining:

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New bohemians cross all the lines when designing their outdoor tables. They are elegant, luscious, and undeniably unique! Just look at these elaborate metal placemats, elegant candle holders, an assortment of ornaments along with layers of stunning fabrics, pristine china, and glorious candlelight. This is an amazing, extravagant setting for your outdoor dining.

The Indoors Comes Outdoors:

Compelling white boho living room #BohemianInteriorDesign #BohemianInteriorIdeas
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New bohemians love fabrics that won’t fade in their ideal warm climates. Check out this wonderful setting in Hawaii with tribal-print curtains, a large opulent throw, and an exquisite golden birdcage. This is the perfect setting to recharge you artistic juices surrounded by pure, clean air.

In Reverse, Bring The Outdoors Indoors:

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This is design consultant Justina Blakeney’s home that she named The Jungalow. Her design is a perfect example of today’s modern-day bohemian. Full of luxurious fabrics including embroideries, a flat-woven carpet, a lovely assortment of African masks, beautiful sunlight, and plants from outdoors in every room of the home.

Botanical Prints:

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Along with your love for your indoor flowers and plants, include them in your artwork, prints, and fabrics.  You can bring nature indoors with beautiful designs such as these embroidered floral patterns on pillows and a large birch tree print screen. Any true new bohemian would clammer to have these items decorating their homes.

Create A Beautiful Focal Point:

Epic white boho bed #BohemianInteriorDesign #BohemianInteriorIdeas
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What some people worry about when creating a bohemian look are clutter and chaos. That’s just not the case because new bohemians create a layered, orderly look to a room.

Looking at this room, your eye is immediately drawn to the Vietnamese red paper lantern. Another great design is created by centering the furniture and accessories around a metal Moroccan table.

The room’s decorator has a great trick for salvaging old, badly torn rugs by taking the pieces and sewing them into lovely pillow covers like the ones shown on this daybed.

Embrace Fading Rugs:

Flawless white bohemian interior design #BohemianInteriorDesign #BohemianInteriorIdeas
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This faded antique rug adds a great focal point for the room. The walls are designed with embroidery in many rich colors thus drawing your attention to the faded rug.

New Bohemians In LA:

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Laurel Canyon is a major center for bohemians. The community is made up of actors, artists, writers, musicians, and designers. They resist the standard trappings of Hollywood while embracing this beautiful area.

Take this lovely home that is designed with a paisley umbrella and Moroccan lanterns ready for the up and coming alfresco meal.

The Popularity Of Fringe:

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Believe it or not, fringe can add appeal to a room. Like the plant holder in this room, it can be knotting the fringes into decorative designs similar to macramé or at the bottom of a window treatment.

Lounging Around:

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Bohemians are notorious for lounging around due to their carefree mindset. New bohemians love to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and relax in order to draw inspiration. Focus on recharging your batteries by lounging on a Moroccan daybed.

Stretch Out On The Floor:

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houzz.com by: Alida As Well As Miller

Create a lovely design by adding floor pillows as seats to just lay back and relax. The designer of this room used a flat woven rug from Morocco and a coffee table made from a Moroccan window topped with glass.  To the right is a gorgeous screen made from an Indian gate.

Adding Layers:

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Relax in your bohemian bathtub surrounded by textures and artwork. Add a touch of Utopia with woven rugs, wicker tables, artwork, flowers, and unique patterns. Then enjoy your bohemian lifestyle!

Add Some Dreamcatchers Here & There:

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houzz.com by: M.A.D. Megan Arquette Design

Dreamcatchers are a Native American culture that are made by hand. Woven on the willow hoop is a web or net and include sacred items such as feathers or beads. Bohemians love dreamcatchers so they can remain the dreamers they truly are.

Beading From The 60s Is Back!

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Whether you want to replace a door with hanging beads or show off your favorite beads by hanging them from a hook, beads are definitely back with bohemians.

It doesn’t matter if you live in a traditional home or one that is ultramodern, the bohemian style can work with all styles of homes.

Sit back relax and let your creative juices flow! Some of these decorative designs should give you a lot to work from. Also, look around at other wonderful bohemian styles and designs, you will finally come out of your traditional shell and be the true bohemian you were born to be!

Do you have a bohemian spirit?

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Exactly how does it receive your house? Please show to us in the Comments section (and also we ‘d like to see your photos as well)!

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