12+ Great Ideas For Making Low Ceilings Look Higher!

12+ Great Ideas For Making Low Ceilings Look Higher!

Many newer homes have really high ceilings but older homes built 20, 30 years ago have low ceilings. If you live in an older home, I’m sure you feel a little crowded in. There are several ways that you can make your space seem larger, airier, and brighter.

Ceiling Furniture Suggestions:

ceiling low furniture

You might want to consider changing out your furniture for those designed to sit lower toward the floor. It will give you the feeling of more space between your ceilings and the furniture in the room.

There are many different designs including the popular L-shaped couch which is absolutely gorgeous while providing upper space. Colors can make a difference as well. Choosing couches or chairs that match the color of your walls will allow the furniture to blend in providing even more space!

Add Light To The Room Ceiling:

ceiling Light To The Room

Changing a solid wall into a wall of glass will add incredible light to your room and immediately make the height and size of the room seem larger. Glass wall panels or large glass doors that reach the ceiling will bring in natural light either from outside or possibly from another room.

Large glass doors will draw your attention away from your low ceiling while making the room seem so much cheerier! If you do not want all glass doors, look into doors that have only one panel of glass at the top.

Using Drapes:

transitional bedroom ceiling

This is a really nifty little trick that doesn’t take a lot of work and is inexpensive. Take curtain rods and place them up to the ceiling instead of over the window’s frame. Have curtains that run from the ceiling to the floor which will make the room look higher because of their long vertical lines.

The Best Light Fixtures Ceiling:

ceiling contemporar kitchen

Spotlights have always been a popular choice for low ceilings although there are other alternatives including flush mounted ceiling lights. If your décor is super modern, consider running track lighting which will match your room’s design.

Another excellent alternative is adding wall lighting or wall sconces. Adding these simple lights will give you the appearance of space while providing a really nice environment. You want to stay away from huge ceiling lights that will only make your ceilings look even shorter and crowded.

For those who do not want to hire an electrician, there are many really lovely wall sconces that just plug into an outlet and others that run on batteries. Wall sconces are also a great choice if the room with low ceilings and happens to be small.

Consider Hanging Pendants:

ceiling modern living room

Hanging pendants are really great choices to add light while providing a great service. As these images, they can be hung over a table where you enjoy your meals or over a couch where you can relax and read a book. Hanging pendant lights are very popular options for your kitchen counters and/or for a kitchen island.

If looking for hanging lights for designing a room, these lights can add light to an area of the room you want attention drawn to, to accent a crawl space, to showcase a lovely statue or beautiful work of art.

Create lighting to draw your eyes away from the low ceilings to another area of the room. Such as a bedroom in the attic, you want to add light to an area that will cause the sloped ceiling to fade into the background while drawing your attention elsewhere.

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